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MAGIC: WHY, WHEN, HOW..??? - 2 of 7 part Blog

Part TWO - The Interest

David Blaine.  A true professional at this mystifying art.  David Blaine is a Street Magician, an entertainer, a stunt performer, an endurance artist and more.  He has taken magic to a whole new level.  He released his first TV special in 1997 called:  David Blaine - Street Magic.  This was only exposed to me in the year 2003.  How could I have not come across this during it's first release???  That's Australian television for you.  Anyways, the special captivated me in ways I've never been or seen before.  I was intrigued at the simple little things he did, especially connecting with strangers on the street and being able to take them to a place they've never been before or only ever existed in their younger childhood days.  That's Magic.

I then began to download and find other sources on Blaine.  I watched every single Magic video I could find on him... I then came across websites that follow his every move and appearances.  I learned more and more about DB and even broke down step by step some of his Magic effects.  I started to fine tune some of the effects I learned and performed them to friends and friends of friends.  I even recorded some of this and put together a rough cut of a mini Magic video of myself.  I carried on and shared this art with my cousin who also at the time showed massive interest in Magic and David Blaine.  We both enjoyed the Magic and began to build a small entourage of Magic enthusiasts.

' The Transenders '
It became a ritual, a weekly affair that we'd meet up and talk Magic, perform Magic and share Magic.  We'd go out filming and taking turns doing tricks here and there and having a blast freaking people out.  My resources grew.  I learned more and more and even purchased a DVD in which I call the backbone to where I've started and gotten to where I am today.  That DVD is the beginning of the beautiful journey I am still pursuing.  The boys in the team were great, we all grew as performers and using each other as guinea pigs to critique our progress.  There was 4 of us but only a trio would perform.  This all happened at the official start date:  July 2004.

In October of that year (2004), I bagged my first professional gig.  A school carnival for year 3's and 4's.  I was so happy to be doing Magic and getting paid.  I was hired for an hour to sit at a table and perform some close-up Magic.  I did everything from card tricks, sponge balls and coin tricks.  I was paid $40, which I thought was amazing.  LOVED IT..!!!  It was my money to go out on the weekend and spend on drinks!!!  ;-)

At the time, I still never looked at it to be something I can do regularly and get paid for.  The gig was only hooked up by my mate from uni whose father's friend was the organiser of that carnival.  I mean, I was a uni student, my parents owned a bakery and I'd work there on the weekends. I hadn't the slightest clue on my future career or what I wanted to get into.  Suddenly as I was finishing up my gig, I get a request from a little girl.  She asked me to come over and show her mummy a Magic trick.  So I went over and met her mum... Allie Wilde.

Allie is a circus/acro/producer/director/manager/everything person.  She is amazing.  She is the reason that has kept me in the game believing in pursuing a career in entertainment.  She introduced me to her team at the time, Top Chick Management.  A representation for elite performers and boy do they have the talent.  Owner of Top Chick, Sam McCormick allowed me opportunities to perform more at certain functions, events, festivals and small charities and fundraisers.  The highlight of my time with these guys was the extra support they gave when it came to enhancing and revamping performance.  We were funded a 2 day workshop with one of the BEST street performers I know.  Tom Greder.  This man has changed everything about the way I perform and deliver my show.  He revolutionised my way of thinking and how to take control and manage myself and my audience.  Thank you Tom.  His workshops dealt with a strong focus on timing, patience, exaggeration, silence, EVERYTHING!!!  This is what makes good performance.  This is what showmanship was all about.  Being able to maximise the response to what you are delivering.

The interest in the art and growing with it for me got stronger and stronger.  I began to see the potential in where it lies and where I could be with it.  I started to meet a few more younger guys who were just getting started in Magic and also inspired by David Blaine.  One of the stand out guys I met is named Josh.  Who now calls himself Jay Jay.  (More on him and our project in a later blog).

My team at the time now reached this point but unfortunately could not pursue any further.  They did however enjoy the many gigs we did together as an ensemble but could never see the dream I saw.  And that's quite okay... It's not for everyone and they did have a blast for what it was and I love them for it.  I now had the solo journey to fulfill...  I started to learn more and look deeper into the performance side of things than just the Magic trick itself.  If it's one thing I can say about myself that's different as a magician, it's my unique approach on delivery...

Magic was now becoming my passion.

...To be continued...

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