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MAGIC: WHY, WHEN, HOW..??? - 3 of 7 part Blog

Part THREE - The Passion

It was no doubt my feelings for continuing with Magic was in hope that I could eventually make a living out of it.  Everywhere I went, I'd have a deck of cards on me.  Always ready to perform at a moments notice and always keen to show people and share with them what I could do.

The learning experience was fun.  I was reading lecture notes and watching teach DVDs on concepts and principles of various effects.  It was clear my vision and area of focus in Magic would be Card Magic,  Street Magic in a sense and all the close-up stuff.  I did for a period of time look into the high end for Stage Magic though I never could get a grasp on the realism of it.  Don't get me wrong, I do love watching and learning about it.  Still amazes me the brains behind such wonderful deception.  I guess for me I just don't find the sense of Stage Magic breaking into the possibilities of it being real enough and NOT an illusion.  I do however, apply Stage Magic principles to my close-up style but just on a smaller scale and of course, presented differently.

Allie Wilde, Sam McCormick, Tom Greder, Sean Dennehy and Sean Mergard are the people who have shaped my career and performing style.  This is where ALL my passion lies.  I have learned so much that Magic is not only judged on skill but on performance, style, presentation, delivery, passion, conviction, patience and so much more!!!  I've learned that to be an excellent Magician there are very few things you need to know and have.  Not that it's major competition but the fact that you want to stand out and be unique, is so very important to me.  You can go out and learn 100 Magic tricks and perform them to people and amaze them with good reactions etc.  OR, you can go out and learn 10 Magic tricks and learn them well with a high focus on delivery and showmanship and generate OUTRAGEOUS reactions!!!  That's my kind of Magician.  Not to say that you shouldn't keep learning new stuff... But perfecting and fine tuning are the key elements to being better than the next Magician... I mean, we all can do the same Magic trick... It's who presents it well that makes the show.

I started to meet more Magicians in Brisbane and you wouldn't believe how many are out there that you just don't suspect or expect to be into this art.  Everyone from Magic hobbyist, beginners, semi-professionals, full-time professionals, Magic enthusiasts and even people who have just gotten into it no more than a few days.  It was great to meet such a group of diverse people interested in the arts.  I soon discovered various clubs and meeting points for Magicians.  QSM, Queensland Society Of Magicians was one of them.  I joined this group and attended their gathering which was the first Monday of every month.  It was great.  They'd get together and talk Magic on what was new and who's new on the scene, trade secrets and effects, sell Magic, buy Magic and even showcase a trick or two here and there.  You'd get feedback on your performance and sometimes it even gets messy.  What I mean by that is, like everything, Magic is full of politics.  Yes it is.  There are so many available effects that Magicians will have in their repertoire and be seen by another Magician who would steal that same trick.  Well, not actually steal but copy into their own routine the exact if not similar way presented.  And this surely this would spark a few raised fists.  Then just like a virus, the word spreads quick on the Magic scene.  And by then you'll be hearing and reading about it in Magic forums and emails etc.  I'm not too fussed about all that stuff hence why I keep to myself and don't attend too much nowadays.  I do my own thing and do it my way.  Best to stand clear of all the commotion and keep rolling forward with your own goals and ambitions.

My passion extended to Magic conventions.  My first one was in Melbourne at the 2007 100 years of Magic in Australia Convention.  I went with two fellow Magicians, Jay Jay and Xavier.  WOW!!!  What an amazing experience.  I saw LIVE Lennart Green, Shoot Ogawa, Shawn Farquhar and Jeff McBride just to name a few.  Crazy... It was a weekend convention where not only did we watch the live show but were also attending the lectures of these great Magicians who were displaying their latest mind blowing effects for sale and available for Magicians to buy and use.  There were also competitions for local performers in which they performed in all different categories.  Stage, close-up, stand-up, they did it all.

Me and Gregory Wilson
The second convention I attended was later that year shortly after Melbourne's stint held in Sydney by Sean Taylor of Taylor's Magic Shop.  This event is known as Superday.  It was the 2007 Superday which consisted of one of my favourite close-up street style Magician, Gregory Wilson.  I also saw LIVE the incredible quick changing act, Soul Mystique.  There was also Darren Carr and his amazing ventriloquist act, it was hilarious.  So many great performers and a real eye opener for me at this point in time as a growing Magician.  I met a lot of people and made a lot of new friends.  Same-ish format as all conventions with shows and lectures to follow.  Dealers open at Taylor's Magic Shop allowed us to see and buy various effects and gimmicks at a great price.

Me, Sean Taylor and mate, Dru Dee
I remembered I contemplated in going to this convention as money was an issue at the time... But I managed and rounded up some friends and we went.  We made a weekend trip of it and not only did the convention but did the rounds in exploring Sydney as well.

From this I really believe things happen for a reason.  I mean, I initially got into Magic from being inspired by David Blaine.  I persisted in the arts from meeting the people who have shaped me.  I attended these conventions to better understand the history and insides to Magic from real professionals.  I did workshops and continued to perform when ever I could to anyone... and... It was this very trip to the Sydney Superday convention that I met Mr. Sean Mergard.  Producer and Director of my current 'Petey Street Majik' Project.

The series was now born and I couldn't have imagined this better in any other way ;-D

...To be continued...

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