Sunday, January 16, 2011

MAGIC: WHY, WHEN, HOW..??? - 1 of 7 part Blog

Part ONE - The Beginning

Magic... Why did I get into it? When did I get into it? and How?  What are the reasons that have subjected me to this art and has still today, kept me going and pushing on with it?

Well... Let's start at the beginning shall we??...

Like all kids... We've experienced some sort of Magic or Magic show in our lives... Whether it was on TV or a live show or whatever.  For me... It was TV.  David Copperfield.. Ring a bell??  Yes... The GREATEST if not one of the BEST Magicians of all time.  I saw DC when I was a kid... On TV, a special called 'David Copperfield, 15yrs of Magic' ... It was mind blowing... I recorded it on VHS at the time and often watched it over and over.  Funnily enough a lot of growing magicians today started off from that kind of influence early or at least from an experience similar like that.  For me, it wasn't watching Copperfield that boosted my drive to learn magic or even get into it.  At the time I just simply enjoyed watching it.  Nothing more.

Across the course time, after Copperfield re-popularised Magic in the 90's, various other Magicians started to come onto the scene... The likes of Siegfried and Roy and Penn and Teller and Rudy Coby just to name a few.  Again, I still sat in the spot of just enjoying the art.  Sure I had a few tricks up my sleeve and such but they were just the simple mathematics type card tricks that were simple and self working because of the odds on how it was presented, it just, worked!!!  Oh, and don't forget... The old thumb removing trick!!!

I then eventually was exposed to close-up Magic, this stuff I hadn't as yet seen too much of... Only saw bit's and pieces here and there on TV when they aired 'World's Greatest Magicians'.  The show was based around the big scale illusionists but in between them, they had some close-up segments with magicians like Michael Ammar, Larry Anderson and Bill Malone etc.  I started to show more interest in this area of Magic.  I just adored the rawness and close-up aspect of doing Magic right before your eyes.  But still, I didn't do anything about it... I didn't even question or research if there was some kind of resource that I could obtain information from to get me started.  There was nothing there big enough to DRIVE me to learning... Not yet anyways.  So I continued to just enjoy it.
Smokin' Aces
Throughout schooling, every time there was a deck of cards present, I'd always without fail perform this one trick... It was the only cool trick I knew and it was a prediction type effect where the spectator does all the work and I end up predicting the card at the end.  It got me a few brownie points for popularity that's for sure.  But like I said that's all I did it for and that's where Magic stood for me... UNTIL........................................

...To be continued...

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