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MAGIC: WHY, WHEN, HOW..??? - 5 of 7 part Blog

Part FIVE - The Projects

Since stepping into the entertainment world, I've been involved in so many cool projects.  Everything from Magic to Theatre and Drama, Stage, Mime, Fire Breathing, Teaching, Television, Short Films and so much more.  Such a cool industry but at the same time, a VERY tough one too.

I found that either you have it or you don't.  There are countless talents out there... The ones that make it are pretty much the lucky ones.  Well, essentially they are the ones that get noticed or picked up from a producer or some scouting agent.  That's what I meant by lucky.  It's all timing and what the individual does in lead up to that moment too I guess.  For me, I actually met Allie Wilde from my first gig and now... here we are ;-)

As my career progressed, I've met so many new talents from so many different fields of performance.  I've learned and experienced their ups and downs in show business in which at times were either very depressing or quite triumphant.  Eventually, I would endure my own ups and downs too.  I found it difficult to get work.  To be known that I stood above or stood out more than the next guy.  To be picked for my uniqueness and style.

Petey Street Majik :: Season ONE
My first project was Season 1 of 'Petey Street Majik'.  A great hit online through YouTube and other social networks.  I started getting private messages from viewers of whether they could get their hands on these videos somehow.  After a chat with Sean, we decided to render in full definition the 10 episodes and also throw in bonus features like unseen footage, a blooper real, a teach a trick segment and trailers to upcoming projects and more all onto DVD.  This was then sold for $19.95 as a special introductory price.  There were only 100 copies ever made in a limited edition DVD silver slick and ALL signed by yours truly.  It SOLD out very quickly even though there was only 100 copies.  BUT, you heard it here first... Till this day, Sean and I have retained a certain amount of copies that is still on our shelves.  These will be held onto for another time.  For the meantime, people can still purchase Season 1 on a second edition run.  It comes with a different DVD slick and different cool bonuses as it also features a trailer to the second project:  Petey Street Majik - The Vegas Special.

*** NOTE:  This trailer promotion is no longer valid for purchase of this DVD as these first editions are SOLD OUT.  However, the second editions are still available for purchase from the home of Petey Street Majik.
Click here:

Petey Street Majik :: The Vegas Special
This trip for me was truly AMAZING!!!  L.A. and Vegas for nearly a month... OH... MY... GOODNESS!!!  Basically, I get a call from Sean Mergard asking if I was available from the 11th January 2009 for about a month.  I said:  I got nothing on.  He said:  Let's go to Vegas.  We can see Magic, experience the wonders and culture over there... And even film a little special edition of Petey Street Majik.  It was on like Donkey Kong.  Basically we did Anahiem, Vegas and L.A. in that order.  Did the whole theme park touristy thing and saw family... I have family in Anahiem and L.A.

When we came back home, it was time to go to work... Originally, the idea was that we'd shoot enough 'DIFFERENT' effects to create a SEASON TWO.  It didn't turn out that way.  Turns out we still did some old effects and some new ones BUT to a different breed and a different culture of people.  We filmed and documented a lot of the trip that was non-Magic related also.  Then Sean decided to change the project and compile this as a special.  Petey Street Majik:  The Vegas Special.  So to make this work, we did some interview shoots for different segments of the film.  It turned out to be just under an hour for the final product consisting of our trip, what we ate, what we did, what we saw... And of course... The Magic on the streets.  After several edits and cutting we have our complete final product ;-D

The coolest part of the Vegas Special was that Sean suggested we do a Premiere Screening of it before it's release.  What an awesome idea!!!  I searched around for many theatres and cinemas and eventually settled with a local company out at Fortitude Valley of Brisbane City...  The Globe Theatre.

 We had an amazing turn out.  We'd been promoting the screening for a few weeks before hand and were only giving away free VIP tickets.  The Globe Theatre capacity was 195 seats.  That night we filled 174.  The feedback was phenomenal, I had amazing reviews and people were impressed with the work Sean and I had done.  It gave them an inspirational lift that made me feel good about myself because I was able to connect with people on that level and somewhat be a boost in their own aspirations.  Loved it!!!

So, after a successful launch of The Vegas Special, we released the entire feature along with bonus material onto DVD.

Here's a trailer to the Vegas Special:

 The Vegas Special DVD can also be purchased from this link here:

More on this story in a new blog. ;-)

This is truly an art form I have a whole lot of respect for.  Mime.  I got into mime with a very good friend.  Frans Vogels.  Frans is a multi-mime artist for over 25 years.  He is an amazing performer, director and costume designer/maker.  This whole show was compiled mostly by himself in terms of the costuming, the acting/miming and small bit and pieces here.  My part wa the Magic direction and scripting of the show.

Mime is an art that requires so much attention to movements and body language expressions.  I learned not only mime but fire eating and breathing from Frans.  Our Spicy Chicken show consisted of – Mime, Magic and Fire.  Here’s a snippet:

 This is truly one of my favourite acts.  What started as a roving act eventually changed into a short mini stage show with pyrotechnics and all the other elements of mime and magic.  A cool random fact from this act is that the latest version of Spicy Chicken required a technician behind the scenes of our set.  That person was Sean Mergard.  I'll let you imagine what he got up to behind set while we were in front performing ;-)

'More random than a monkey with a toothbrush in a nunnery'
The MAJIK BOX is also one of my favourite acts.  In this I team up with an awesome performer and good mate, Dr. Rhythm.  Professional beatboxer A.K.A. human drum machine.

I met Dr. Rhythm a couple of years back through a mutual friend.  Initially we just hung out and went to each others show.  One thing led to the next, we questioned one another - 'We should do a show together'.
From here the formula was created:
Street MAJIK + BeatBOXing = THE MAJIK BOX.
A random stand-up style show with visual Magic and stunning aural sounds and beats to match.  A unique act that plays on the spot and improvises as the show goes along.  Performing all over the country and Internatinally, this is easily my most favourite acts to perform.  It's just so versatile.  We've done everything from festivals, birthdays, family fun days, charity causes, weddings, TV spots and even Hens parties.  CRAZY!!!.

Have a look:

 You can also watch THE MAJIK BOX promo short films from this link:
Check it out, there are 3 parts... Very cool and funny.


These are just my main projects that are either complete or if it's an act, is still active and readily available.  I am currently working on a few new projects that are very cool and exciting.  They are:

  1. Season TWO of Petey Street Majik.  This series now features special guests and are longer episodes with very cool new effects.  Shot with a new camera and is available to watch online.  The first 4 episodes can be found here
  2. Petey Majik - The Learning Centre.  This is where you can start a hobby or a career by following me and learning the art of performing Magic.  It's my site where you can purchase my DVD's and learn some cool tricks to impress friends, family or who ever.  Check it out and sign up today, it's FREE:
  3. I'm also involved with my mate Jay Jay's FREEMAGICLIVE site.  Here we strive to produce videos and products for the aspiring new magician.  Check out the site here: - I can guarantee you'll learn something cool from Jay Jay.  Seriously!!!

And lastly, another HUGE project… BUT, I’m keeping this one to myself under wraps!!!

So… There’s a preview of some of the work I’m currently involved in.  Hope you enjoyed it and come out to one of my shows sometime and have a play.

Until then, I’ll see you around the traps with some more exciting new things.  There’s always exciting new things in store for me.

...To be continued...

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